Our Mission

& Vision

We create an environment, a culture and a club that transcends the inequalities that we see in society.  A club that integrates the difficulties of life in a sport that can revolutionize players lives, education and careers through soccer.

Our vision is to create a long lasting club that develops the players holistically.  By doing so we will create a community of young talent that will have choices in life regarding their academical, professional and personal decisions.


In the bigger picture we want to be a catalyst for the community, drawing young adults from negative influences and prepare them to deal with the difficulties that they might face in life.


It all started with three guys and the idea to not only develop players, but human beings.  Complementing what they learn in school with a sport that mimics several aspects of life.  A club where athletics, academics, and the real world intersect.


We want to fuel each of the kids' dreams with the mentality that nothing is impossible, no matter how big the goal.  We believe that hunger, desire and dedication have to be bigger than the dream.  This is how Pilsen Athletics F.C. was born.  A club where you not only play football, but develop surrounded by brothers with the same winning mentality, and no fear to dream.

Our History