Coaching: How to create a winning culture?

Culture is one of the hardest things to inculcate at a company, organization or club. Culture represents the unwritten values engrained in a group of people. Culture can be positive or negative, competitive or mediocre, enjoyable or dreadful. In my experience different environments have had an impact on my performance and overall wellbeing.

As a coach, mentor and manager culture will determine a lot of your success in and out of the pitch, but how do you install a culture at your club? Starts by defining your personal values, your style of play and implementation & alignment. Each one of these categories goes hand by hand and have to act in synchronicity in order to achieve the desired culture within your club.

Core Values

Why personal values? It is powerful to transmit values you are passionate about. Players, staff and personnel will buy in to your idea a lot quicker. You want your club to represent something bigger, a purpose which your values will stand for.

Style of Play

Once you have identified what your team is playing for and why; now you get to translate it into play. Great coaches translate the essence of their characters into performances in the pitch. Greats like Pep Guardiola, Jose Mourinho, Marcelo Bielsa, Jurgen Klopp, Cholo Simeone have printed their identities into soccer language. That’s why their teams are successful.

Implementation and Alignment

Now that you have stablished your core values and have printed your personality into your football, is time to holistically align everything else you do towards these targets. You have to live by your values and believes so that others follow. You have to make sure that if anyone deviates from the organization’s core values and style of play, is made aware of how he is supposed to do things and the shown behavior will not be permitted in this organization.

Winning cultures are hard to create, they take a significant amount of effort, and extraordinary leaders to make it all fall in place. I will get deeper into winning, and the philosophy and methodology that go in place, to structure winning systems that can affect performance.

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