Coaching: Practice vs Talent

We have the misconception that talent is miraculous, possessed from birth by a few and usually refer to it as a gift. Talent is glorified. When you don’t believe you have it; why even try to be good? People give up at the first sign of adversity because in their mind they weren’t born with the gift to accomplish whatever they want to perform. This could not be more WRONG.

You’ve heard of the 10,000-hour rule, practice whatever skill you want for this time and you will become an expert. There is no shortcut, there is no talent. If you look at the life of the greatest in any field, there is a strong correlation between hours of practice and performance levels. Ronaldinho slept, walked, showered, and lived with the ball. Is not a coincidence that you could see such mastery on the field.

What we fail to understand is when the process truly starts: in the womb and through our first years of life. Exceptional performers, have been exposed to their skill as toddlers; Mozart begun his music journey at an early age and was able to put 10,000 hrs sooner than regular performers. By the time “maestros” are 10 or 12 years old their expertise are such that people identify them as talented or gifted. We say that their success is innate, a miracle from the skies, he was born to do that! The reality couldn’t be further from those statements. We have to acknowledge and count all those hours spent perfecting their skill, by consequence talent is something you work and develop. Practice is the beginning of all greatness; around 10 years of continuous effort to completely dominate in your field. It sounds easy to say but clearly having this commitment is not.

Talent demotivates, and practice attainable. Breaking the mental barrier of understanding that talent is built will increase your desire to practice because you now understand that is not something you are born with. To achieve this desire, it requires to fructify inside an open mind; mistakes and failure are what you have to thrive on. Talent is consequential of all the hours of effort and dedication to your art, there are no shortcuts, so what are you waiting for?

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