Coaching: Motivation vs Inspiration

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

The eternal quest in sports and life, how do I keep going? Would you rather be a motivated or inspired? Would you rather just act, or feel and be stimulated to do something that could change your life forever?

Be INSPIRED. My dad always used to tell me two things about my professional

career. To do what I love and try to be the best at it. Simple, wise words from a man that may never accept is surrounded by his regrets, questioning what could have been if he took the chances to follow his dreams.

That’s where everything begins, by dreaming. Envisioning your passions and things that exhilarate your life. You might never get to that specific dream, but without the target it will be impossible. When you are inspired it’s not the goal that drives you, it’s the process that you truly enjoy. Take small steps that bring you satisfaction; my step towards inspiration was coaching, it was a revelation that made me realized how much it fulfilled me.

On the other hand, motivation has a short-lasting effect, pushing you to obtain quick small goals that with time will burn you out by looking for instant gratification. Inspiration can last a lifetime and yes you have smaller goals within that larger vision, but you always have a clear purpose of your dream. Finding inspiration might not be as hard as it is believed. Try to look for it in the things that make you smile.

Remember that inspiration is a quest that will last forever and in return it will give you the satisfaction of doing something you feel mentally, physically and spiritually stimulated.

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