Coaching: Football Mirror of Life

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

I have no idea on why I have decided to start writing about my life, I can only say it has been an impulse, similar to a lot of the big events in my life. I could have never imagined that I would be at this moment right now, an instant that I honestly never wrote down in my goals when I was growing up, doing something I have never considered doing until it abruptly happened day after day. You can examine everything as a chain reaction, one small decision snowballing into your life and leaving marks (good and bad) that mold who you are. Things like my parents’ divorce, injury, loneliness, confusion, anger management all left a dent in the two realities that I live: life and soccer. These worlds are parallel universes, and once in a while they come together for a split second, then bounce back to their own direction, even though what you do in one dimension reflects entirely into the other. That is why sports are so complex and addictive. Sports are a mirror of life, sports work as a self-prescribed psychologist or psychiatrist disassembling and assembling your thoughts, actions, state of mind and the composition of who you truly are. The truth of your character is reflected in that pitch, court, field or any location where you perform and transports you to that primal state where you have few inhibitions; therefore, your behavior as an athlete is an excellent predictor of how you going to behave in the “outside” or “real” world.

I think us coaches undermine the power we have to mold, educate and create not only players but exemplary human beings. The way we coach is the way we educate, and this cannot be overlooked. We have a huge responsibility in letting our players know how important this part of their life is and the immense possibilities that they have in both universes (life and sport). Every time you step into that pitch remember that there is always something greater to play for, maybe you might not see it clearly, but that mirror is always showing you a reflection of who you truly are.

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